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Theses on Healing (and Cure)

 :: Posted by Life Coach Lakeway on 02-13-2012

Cure may occur without healing; healing may occur without cure.

Cure separates body from soul: healing embraces the whole.

Cure isolates: healing incorporates.

Cure costs; healing enhances.

Cure combats illness; healing fosters wellness (cure fixes; healing corrects).

Cure fosters function; healing fosters purpose.

Cure alters what is; healing offers what might be (cure controls; healing frees).

Cure is an act; healing is a process (cure is a closed system; healing is an open system).

Cure acts upon another; healing shares with a sister, a brother.

Cure manages; healing touches.

Cure seeks to conquer pain; healing seeks to transcend pain.

Cure ignores grief; healing assumes grief.

Cure encounters mystery as a challenge for understanding; healing encounters mystery as a channel for meaning.

Cure often issues from fear; healing issues from faith.

Cure rejects death and views it as a defeat; healing includes death among the blessed outcomes of care.