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The End Of Fear – Matt Kahn

 :: Posted by Life Coach Lakeway on 01-15-2014

The end of fear occurs by turning toward the soul’s natural state of cosmic excitement. Such excitement occurs through recognizing every moment as an opportunity to evolve into higher frequencies of light by the choices your heart is inspired to make. Even when unfavorable outcomes are present, it is a vital opportunity to anchor higher frequencies of light by infusing more consciousness into your words and actions.

As this occurs, you will begin to realize that harmony is not dependent upon comfort, nor does it disregard the grace of comfort whenever it comes to be. Instead, harmony is seen as a willingness to learn and grow – no matter how daunting, or uncomfortable things may seem. When harmony is not dependent upon comfort, a joy beyond all reason is discovered. This is the rebirth of cosmic excitement. It is the emergence of the soul in physical form. It is the dawn of awakening.